Monday, October 23, 2017

Totally His by Erin Nicholas book review

I have been WAITING for this book!  Finn is my current new book boyfriend because I totally fell in love with him in this story.  He and Sophie are perfect for each other.  I think this could be a stand alone book, but I would read the first two to just get the background on the other characters before moving on to Sophie.

I have been loving this Opposites Attract series because the female characters are wonderfully geeky and nerdy in their own ways.  Sophie is a theatre geek and acting and dressing up is her thing.  She knows a lot about the community theatre and it shows in the plot and dialogue.

I think Finn is her perfect match.  One, it's hard to resist a sexy cop out to protect you and two, he is sort of protecting her from the criminal actions of her father.  The character development of the family that Sophie has chosen for herself is sweet and endearing.  I love Finn's extended family and the author made me want to be a part of it.  You will get sucked into Sophie's journey of discovering that love does not have to hurt.  She can find the perfect person to complement her personality.  The story wraps up with a sweet and sexy HEA.  I recommend this book to any contemporary romance reader.  The perfect escape for fall.

Holiday House Call by Jen Doyle review

The hook for this book?  It's the woman who is the doctor out saving other people with her knowledge.  Love it.  While it should not be uncommon, I still feel that this book stood out to me because the female character is a doctor.

Also, I cannot resist a hot, alpha male cop.  *sigh*

Karen (Dr. Carmichael) just had a bad day at work and while she is crying, her driving becomes erratic.  Of course, Officer Tucker pulls her over and administers a sobriety test.  They both recognize each other as a past one night stand and things get awkward real fast.  While the sex was hot, they were not looking to run into each other again.  Karen is not interested in a long term relationship with someone who risks his life for a job every day. 

The author will entertain you with her laugh-out-loud dialogue between the characters.  Seriously.  They both have some baggage, which they need to deal with to make their relationship work.  I love that Carina Press allows writers to take liberties with the language and it just makes it sound more real.

The chemistry between Karen and Tuck is just super sexy. The sex scenes work and I love that Tuck was the one trying to convince Karen a "no-strings" relationship was not the best option.  He did such romantic things for will have a hard time not swooning.

This was the first book that I read by Jen Doyle and I enjoyed it so much, I will be on the look out for new books. This book is the perfect escape for cold winter nights.  You will not be disappointed by this HEA.

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I think Wendy and I could be BFF's IRL 😍

Your post made me say "Amen, Sister!" at the end. So well written.  Thanks for writing it.

A Talent for Temptation by Sabrina Jeffries review

I did not read the details of this book and realize it was a novella.  I dived in expecting a full length novel and thought I had pushed the wrong button on my reader when I reached the end 😁  So, I definitely enjoyed and didn't want the story to end.  I really like the series, so the title and the cover reflect that brand perfectly.  I am a big fan of historical romances and I look forward to Sabrina's new releases.
In this story, Meriel Vyse is a widow who has turned into a spy for her brother in law.  She keeps doing what he asks because she feels that she owes him a lot.  She doesn't really think she can get remarried because of her work, but she is definitely sweet on Quinn Raines.  Meriel has not been truthful about what she does for her brother in law.  Humor abounds in this novella. The dialogue and banter is fun and witty.  Quinn thought he would try to win Meriel's love by staging a fake abduction.  Unfortunately, he did not know about Meriel's spy background to know that she normally travelled armed.  But at least she got to nurse him back to health!
I like the female character because she is doing a non-traditional job and getting remarried at the ripe-old age of 27. She bucks the conventions of the time period.  Secrets always lead to some sort of miscommunication and it was fun to see how this couple figured out their new relationship bumps. The story has a good mix of humor, action, mystery and romance to keep you entertained for a few hours.  I recommend this if you are a fan of the series or if you want to get into a new historical romance series.

Monday, September 18, 2017

Help Wanted by Allison B Hanson

I’ll admit I was intrigued by the cover on this book. It looked like a sweet summer romance and I was definitely in the mood for a sexy HEA. Well, Hanson delivered with her great story. This book was funny, clever, empowering, had some great elements of friendship and was just an overall enjoyable read. I had never read anything else by Allison Hanson, but she is now on my list of authors to watch. I have not read a lot of virgin tropes and I wasn’t sure what to expect. By the time I was done reading the explanation, I was like, yes...this could happen :) It hooks you from the beginning because how does a virgin get fired for sleeping with her boss’s husband? (gotta read it to find out).

Kenley Carmichael and Zane Jackson can barely keep their hands off each other. But Zane is her boss and they both decide that it needs to stay professional. Kenley needs her job and Zane needs an assistant to run his business. Zane felt like he was a dork in high school and he still has some unresolved issues from back then. Should he be over them? Yes...but then there would be no drama. His sister works to set him straight and she is hilarious. I also liked that there was a secondary romance going on. Brady was an interesting character and while their back story was not the focus, I think it complemented the main story.

The story is not explicit. I tend to like a little more heat to my sex scenes...but the author did the couple justice. It’s a good weekend read when you are looking for a romantic book escape.

A Covert Affair by Susan Mann

I had been looking forward to this book ever since I read the first one. I love the premise of this series. It’s seriously like my own spy/librarian fantasies come true. Add to that a super hot spy boyfriend and I just can’t even stop reading this book! Just like the first book, this one is unique and you can totally tell the author’s ideas were heard and left in the book. To top it off, it was a bit of historical fiction woven into this romance/suspense genre. There really is nothing else to compare it to that I’ve read in contemporary romance.

The setting is uniquely set in India, tracking down historical clues (that will eventually lead to missing library books….my inner dork sings). I find that most HEA romance books will not take place in India, exploring a sensitive topic. This is Mann working her super-librarian skills into her writing.

This is truly a must read for every librarian (or anyone who just loves a good librarian story) out there looking for a reading adventure and a book boyfriend. While not explicit, the sex is hot and the chemistry between Quinn and James remains off the charts. *fans self* This series has been my guilty pleasure escape and I will recommend it to anyone who listens!

Protection Detail by Julie Miller

I have really been enjoying Harlequin Intrigue books lately and this one did not disappoint. This one could be a stand alone book because I really liked it and I did not know it was the last book in the series. This book was unique because both of the characters are a bit older. They have both lost a spouse and just have a little bit of that life experience that comes out in the details of the story. There is not a lot of over the top romance drama. The drama comes in the form of the mystery suspense woven into the plot.

If you are looking for a hot cop story, then you have found your book. Thomas, the main character, and his whole family are involved in law enforcement. Jane, our heroine, is a nurse who is in WITSEC and she is trying to protect herself and those around her. Clearly, she has experienced a tragedy or she would not be in WITSEC. It’s a sweet, flirty romance. Thomas and Jane want each other, but they are mature enough not to jump into anything and they both carry some baggage. Thomas is afraid that he is too old for Jane, but she does not even consider the age difference.

 I just think a hot romance is what most readers are looking for (I definitely am!) I like the setting. I don’t really know much about Kansas City, so I feel like the details in the setting made me a bit more familiar with areas that I have never been too. This book is a fast paced suspense story with a bit of romance.