Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Police Protector by Elizabeth Heiter book review


This book has a great hook.  We are introduced to Shaye Mallory in a scene where she is being shot at.  It's suspenseful and definitely made me not want to put the book down.  Shaye was already traumatized because she survived an earlier shooting at a police station.  She is in this situation because she is a forensic computer expert and works right next to the police station.  Cole Walker is a detective who has been interested in Shaye ever since he met her.  However, he does not believe that he is marriage material because his job is dangerous. Family plays a large role in this story.  Cole is very close to his brothers and I love that they accept Shaye as someone they have to look out for.  I'll take 4 alpha males looking out for me any day ;) *fans self*

You will be dying to figure out who the shooter was in the first chapter.  It sets up the plot for the book really well.  The dialogue flows and the chemistry between Cole and Shaye sizzles.  I wish they would have hooked up sooner than they did.  I like this Harlequin Intrigue series.  I would not have picked up these books in the past because I didn't think I liked romantic suspense.  But it turns out that I do.  I definitely recommend Elizabeth Heiter's book.  It will make for a great summer read!

Falling for Trouble by Sarah Title book review


Punk rocker, Joanna Green was just about to become famous with her group, the Bunny Slippers, until she walks off the stage during a big concert.  After the crash and burn of her career, she goes back home to Halikarnassus, New York. She is mortified to be coming back as a failure.  She feels like she let herself down and that is basically what everyone was expecting to happen to her.  It just so happens that she can cover up her embarrassing return home by telling everyone she came back to take care of her grandmother, as she recovers from a broken leg.
Liam Byrd is the hot new librarian in town.  He loves everything about Halikarnassus, New York.  He likes knowing people on the street, he loves being able to make changes at the local library he runs and he is all about reading and books.  *major swoon moment*  Some of the more hilarious scenes detail how the grandmas come out each day to "run into" Liam on his daily runs.
I loved this book!  I love a good librarian story that is not about a stereotypical librarian.  Liam is male (definitely a minority in the library world), he is hot, well read, active, interesting....what's not to love???  But he knows his library stuff.  He knows how to bring in new readers, how to manage and run a public library and has the patience of a saint when dealing with the public.
The nail biting climax (no pun intended) will make it impossible for you to put the book down.  Joanna has to make a major decision about her career and her relationship.  What does she want?  You won't stop until you find out.
I love the cover.  The photographer did a nice job capturing the authors vision of what the characters might look like.  It's attractive and fun.  The book is a quick, entertaining and engrossing read.  I love a good HEA.  I would totally reread this book.  And ask the author to send me one hot male librarian :) ...

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Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Buns by Alice Clayton book review

So, I can see where this story may have been inspired by some hotel renovations shows (in a good way). Clara, the woman in charge of turning hotels around is a total bad ass and really good at her job.  She has grand visions of bring back the Bryant Mountain Resort's former glory with a more modern twist.  When Archie meets her, it is clear that he does not want Clara meddling in his hotel business.  He likes to believe that change will be bad and that doing things as they have always done is, is perfectly fine.  Part of their tension is sexual tension, but part of it is that they are hard workers.

I love how the author describes the area surrounding the hotel.  The location of the story is Bailey Falls, New York. I've never been anywhere like that, so the imagery was great in Clayton's story.  It definitely sounded like a place I would like to go visit.  I also love that Clara was into keeping the old charm of this historic mountain resort.  I feel that way in real life.  Once Clara and Archie started to get to know each other, it was just a matter of time before they hooked up.  Both their back stories are interesting and are playing out as Clara and Archie get to know each other.  I like that both of them were totally professional when they needed to be, but we got a glimpse behind the scenes.  The sex scenes are really well written.  Archie is so romantic *swoon*.  Their chemistry is scorching and it just adds to an overall great book.  This is a great choice for a fun read....preferably relaxing somewhere on the beach.  Or maybe at a luxurious hotel.
There is way more to this story than the title would imply.  This is my first book that I have read by Alice Clayton,  so maybe it's just the way her titles go.  I would say this book is perfect for fans of Jill Shalvis or Erin Nicholas.  I love this tweet from the author. Archie is now my official book boyfriend: https://twitter.com/alice_clayton/status/861978317636947969

Erotic Experiments by Katie Allen book review

I love the idea of Claire being a hot, but smart science geek. Her hot love interest is Edward, who we first meet as a bouncer at a club.  He saves Claire from her gross boss, Gordon.  Edward doesn't give us much to go on in the beginning.  He is mysterious and protective, which in turn is a total turn on.
I began to notice that Edward was somehow enhanced during the fire scene.  Granted, there were a few clues, but I didn't really get it.  Once the plan to discredit or kill Claire is set into motion, Clair and Edward go on the run.  The author introduces us to the idea that Edward's friends can help them.
Edward is hesitant to have sex with Claire at first.  The reader may wonder why (as I did).  But once they give in to their desires, the chemistry is explosive.  Their sex scenes are panty melting HOT.  I think the author did a great job.  Overall, it was a quick, short read.  If you are looking for a steamy, romance with an HEA or a (HFN?) story, this is a good one.  It has some elements of science fiction, which was a surprise to me based on the description, but I quite enjoyed it.