Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Falling for Trouble by Sarah Title book review


Punk rocker, Joanna Green was just about to become famous with her group, the Bunny Slippers, until she walks off the stage during a big concert.  After the crash and burn of her career, she goes back home to Halikarnassus, New York. She is mortified to be coming back as a failure.  She feels like she let herself down and that is basically what everyone was expecting to happen to her.  It just so happens that she can cover up her embarrassing return home by telling everyone she came back to take care of her grandmother, as she recovers from a broken leg.
Liam Byrd is the hot new librarian in town.  He loves everything about Halikarnassus, New York.  He likes knowing people on the street, he loves being able to make changes at the local library he runs and he is all about reading and books.  *major swoon moment*  Some of the more hilarious scenes detail how the grandmas come out each day to "run into" Liam on his daily runs.
I loved this book!  I love a good librarian story that is not about a stereotypical librarian.  Liam is male (definitely a minority in the library world), he is hot, well read, active, interesting....what's not to love???  But he knows his library stuff.  He knows how to bring in new readers, how to manage and run a public library and has the patience of a saint when dealing with the public.
The nail biting climax (no pun intended) will make it impossible for you to put the book down.  Joanna has to make a major decision about her career and her relationship.  What does she want?  You won't stop until you find out.
I love the cover.  The photographer did a nice job capturing the authors vision of what the characters might look like.  It's attractive and fun.  The book is a quick, entertaining and engrossing read.  I love a good HEA.  I would totally reread this book.  And ask the author to send me one hot male librarian :) ...