Thursday, March 30, 2017

Little Secret, Red Hot Scandal by Cat Schield

This was a fun, fast contemporary romance read.  I really enjoyed it.  It was one of those situations where I needed to go to bed (since I need to work in the morning), but I wanted to keep reading.  #bookproblems.

I have to admit, that the main character was Adam Levine in my head :)  What can I say... A tall, lean, muscular, singer/songwriter, celebrity.  But Nate is a good name too;)  The passion between Nate and Mia was scorching.  I loved that he felt that way about her.  The author really made me believe that she deserved it because of the somewhat abusive relationship she had with her parents and sister.  The dialogue flowed really well throughout the story.  I like the unique twist of adding ASL to the story.  I would say that the connection would be strong in real life (when 2 people meet and can sign to each other), so that was interesting to read.  The choice of making the font italics, where they were signing were also a good call ;)  It really made them have their own private world.  For readers who might panic at the thought of becoming pregnant, be prepared.  For those who are ready for an overjoyed man, excited at the thought of becoming a father - this book is for you!  I'm not very familiar with the LA/Vegas music scene, but it felt like the author gave us a bit of a glimpse into that world.  So, well done!  I would recommend this book to anyone looking for a good romance.  Just in time for Spring Break.

Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Love this article by Maya Rodale

She says it better than I can.  Totally agree with everything she wrote in this article:

Bedding the Highlander by Sabrina York

I am a fan of this author and she did not disappoint in this BookShots short novel.  Like the preface promises, it was fast paced and engrossing.  I finished in almost one sitting.  Historical romances are a personal favorite of mine.  This story takes place during the Stuart period in Scottish history.  The main characters are Kirk Rannoch and  Katherine Killin.  There has been an arranged marriage between two warring clans.  The idea was initiated by an English Duke and Kirk was chosen to go and acquire the promised bride by any means necessary.  But the time he arrives at Killin Keep, he finds that the bride has run away.  This bride was promised to Kirk's brother, Ben.  Kirk and his friend, Brodie, leave the castle empty handed and start to make their way back home.  They stumble across 2 women in the woods, who were trying to steal their horses.  Turns out one of them is Katherine, but they have concocted a lie they are sticking too and the men don't know they have been deceived by a case of mistaken identity.  They do their best to protect the women and Kirk is particularly taken by Ann (who is really Katherine).  Things happen, they arrive at Rannoch castle, but the plan goes awry.

The chemistry between Kirk and Ann/Katherine is evident right away.  There is a part of the story that is a bit darker because Katherine has been a victim of physical abuse at the hands of her brothers, but Kirk is the man to show her what a gentleman is.  The first sex scene is totally hot (although I would not love the location and the rain).  Kirk takes charge in protecting his woman, who he has decided he wants to claim (swoon).  I love the twists of the story and the characters are a lot of fun to discover.  I'm a sucker for an HEA and this book delivers.  It's a good choice for when you don't have a lot of time to commit to a longer book or make it a beach read.

Friday, March 24, 2017

Forever Mine by Erin Nicholas

Oh man!  I had been waiting for the release date for this book since I finished the first one.  I could not believe my luck when it just so happened to be posted on NetGalley.  Some of the perks of being a librarian :)

Readers are first introduced to Maya in the first book of the series, Completely Yours (so good!).  I was really looking forward to her story.  Nicholas totally delivers on a great story and my expectations are met.  And then some.  Maya is a totally kick-ass heroine.  She was a cop who got injured on the job and rather than work a desk job at the police station, she opens up a martial arts studio.  I love that she promotes these kids classes where they get to become superheros.  If this was real life, I would totally sign my daughter up.  Then there is Alex.  He is described as totally swoon worthy, hot and I want to date him!
The chemistry between them is hot.  They are kind of opposites.  Maya is a total risk taker and jumps into any situation full force.  Alex is way more laid back and careful.  He has to think things through.  He is conflicted about getting into a new relationship because his existing professional and personal life keep him quite busy.

I like all the details about their group of friends.  It's like we are totally getting to know them as our friends :)  The story just draws you in.  Great sex, funny dialogue and geekdom were never so cool as they are in this book.  I think I like it so much because I feel like I have a lot in common with Maya.  I love science fiction, cosplay and nerding out with some good tv shows.  You just don't always find that in contemporary romance.  I think that is part of what makes this series unique.  Pick this book up when it comes out!  Read the first book if you have not read it yet.  Totally a weekend read.  I LOVED it!

Saturday, March 11, 2017

Her Naughty Holiday by Tiffany Reisz

I read the 3 books in the Men at Work series by Harlequin Blaze.  One of them I had won from a Romantic Times contest and the other 2 just showed up from the publisher.  I am not sure if it is because I won the first book, or if I just got lucky :)  I had never read any of the Harlequin series books before because I just didn't think I would be into them.  However, I was wrong.  This series was awesome AND I had to go and look up more of the Harlequin Blaze books.

Her Naughty Holiday may be in the panty melting category.  Loved it!  The story centers on Clover Greene (clever for a nursery owner) and Erick Fields, who is a single dad.  The chemistry had always existed between Clover and Erick, but Erick's daughter, Ruthie, works for Clover and no one wanted to mess up the dynamics.  It was the first time Ruthie was serious about work and was trying hard to impress Clover.  Erick was grateful that Clover had given Ruthie a chance.  Although, being a teenager, Ruthie picked up on the chemistry between Clover and Erick and  hatched a plan.  The plan was successful.  I could not put the book down as the relationship began to heat up.  The sex scenes are hot and worth reading a few times ;)  I'm glad that the cover model matches the author's description of Erick.  Read it.  Totally worth it.

Cold Hearted by Toni Anderson

So, I normally don't read romantic suspense novels.  I don't have anything against them, I just don't usually pick that.  I had committed to reading package of books and this one was included.  I gave it a shot.  I ended up really liking it.  I like that the main character, Erin Donovan, is a tough cop but can be feminine and is hot.  She brushes off any come ons at work, which happened a lot at the police station...but she ignored it all.  Until Darsh Singh, FBI, ended up working with Erin in the Forbes Pines Police Department in New England.  The reader soon finds out that Erin and Darsh had previously met and now they are trying to keep their distance.  Fortunately, the chemistry is hot between and the sex is scorching.  I am all about HEA's and this one delivers...just with a crime story mixed into the plot.  It does get a bit violent, but if you know that going into it, it's fine.  I definitely recommend this book.  I have not read the rest of the series, but it is on my list now.

Friday, March 10, 2017

Falling Hard by Stacy Finz

I finished this book in about a day and half.  I really loved it!  Annie and Logan have great chemistry, even though they come from different backgrounds.  I think the back stories of these main characters really make the story.  Logan's background of being a Navy SEAL and growing up in the city.  However, his roots are in Nugget and I like how the author weaves that into the story.  Annie is interesting in that she is definitely a farm girl, but a well educated, smart farm girl.  I think that goes against the stereotype. You really need to know a lot about running the agricultural and economic aspects of a farm. I feel like I actually learned a lot :)  I like that Annie and Logan didn't really deny their attraction to each other, but Annie didn't want to get involved knowing that Logan was leaving.  Smart of her.  However, love is unpredictable.  Mix that with smoking hot chemistry and you have a great mix for a HEA book.  Speaking of happy endings, I like the resolution of some of the other relationships in the story.  Made for a satisfying ending.  All in all, I definitely recommend this book.  It's a great escape.

Monday, March 6, 2017

Good blog to follow...USA Today HEA

I don't always have a ton of time to read blogs, but I do enjoy Madeline Hunter's articles on USA Today's Happily Ever After section.  I like the behind the scenes thinking about the genre and author questions.

I'm looking forward to Julia London's book mentioned in this article:

Sunday, March 5, 2017

Wild & Sweet by Rhenna Morgan

Holy smokes was this ever a good book!  I wouldn't read it until I read the first one and I'm glad I did not read it as a stand alone.  It's just nice to be in on some of the background.  I liked Zeke in the first book and I'm glad he was the 2nd one to get a book.  I read somewhere that this story was "panty melting" and I totally agree.  I love the dominant alpha male who will protect his woman.  It's just really sexy.  I also love this series so far in that the guys are all hot, smart, but really down to earth.  I like that they don't flaunt their wealth.  I think the whole club scene is part of the fantasy of this series.  This book is a little bit unusual in that it IS a bit dark and gritty, a bit of a romantic suspense, but I see potential of bringing a little BDSM into Axel's story.  I can't really identify with Gabrielle, but I like that the author tried to being in some understanding of social anxiety.  She's not perfect, she is real and Zeke liked her for who she was.  I think all the things that Zeke did for his dates with Gabe were really romantic. The story kept going with the mystery of who was involved with the development company.  The character development is coming along with all of the characters.  This book definitely focused on Zeke (since it was his story), but the first book gave him a good introduction.  Who can resist a hot doctor?  I highly recommend this book to anyone looking for a HEA story.

Friday, March 3, 2017

Her Highland Master by Anya Summers

This is a good book for fans of 50 Shades or Cherise Sinclair books! I would say it's panty melting. 😍The setting is unique because most books in Scotland tend to be Regency Romance books. I love that this is a contemporary setting. The characters are pretty well developed. I think the chemistry between Zoe and Declan was apparent to the reader. The sex was sizzling and the romance was hot for this genre. Zoe is a strong character. She was obviously successful in her professional life and the Hollywood backstabbing was believable. Her getaway to Scotland was a good choice to rethink her direction in life. The epilogue was creative. I have not seen that before and I guess for more details...tune in to Book 2 of this series

Heating Up by Stacy Finz

Sizzling romance story! What an enjoyable read. The author wrote the couple in such a perfect way. Dana is not perfect. She is self conscious and has had her fair share of disappointments and tragedy in her life. She has been in two serious relationships that did not work out because she was second best. Dana is smart and confident in her job and her work abilities. She just does not have a lot of friends because she is shy in her new town. Clearly, Aidan is the fire department hottie. He thought he was a commitment phobe because he did not want to get married to the person he was with for 3 years. Dana quickly changes his mind. Nugget was a great small town setting. The people in the town were quirky and fun (mostly). The author made it seem like a town that would be great to visit. Hot men everywhere make it even more tempting :) I like the suspense of the arson mystery, the element of trying to keep things secret in a small town and the happily ever after. A perfect blend for a fun, enjoyable read.

Once a Soldier by Mary Jo Putney

I love the name "Rogues Redeemed" for the series. I could not put the book down once I got into the story. Some of the unique aspects of this story were that they did not take place in England. The story was set in a fictional kingdom between Spain and Portugal. It was also unique in that the main female character was the illegitimate child of a duke. She made her home outside of England, although she did miss her home. She is smart, successful and enjoying her freedom. The developing romance was believable. Will did not give up in his pursuit of Athena, which made the story really good. I also like that he worked on becoming friends with her. The author was able to weave a fun love story into some of the secondary characters, especially Justin and the Princess. This is definitely a well written, fun HEA with a unique twist. Very enjoyable!

A Scandalous Proposal by Kasey Michaels

What a fun read! I definitely enjoyed this book even though I did not read the first one. It can be read as a stand alone. I love the Regency setting. All the gossiping and antics of the ton, adds humor to this story. The first thing that stood out to me was Cooper being written about in the chapbook...which reminds me of the paparazzi in our current gossip magazines. Cooper was trying to deal with that (and fending off husband hunting women) and at the same time Dani was also being blackmailed. The literally ran into each other and from that point on sparks started to fly. They realized they were being blackmailed by the same person, so of course they had to figure out who it was ;) I enjoyed the dialogue between the characters. It was funny and well written. I also enjoyed the mystery of the blackmailer, in addition to the romance. I can't wait for the next story!

How to Manage a Marquess by Sally MacKenzie

Fun, engrossing read. Hard to put it down! I did not read the first book of this series so it's good that this is a stand alone book (but now I want to read the first one). I have not read one of Sally MacKenzie's books previously. I really like how the plot developed. The setting was nice and I enjoyed that it took place in the country and not in London. I could understand why Anne wanted to stay single and live in the Spinster House. She led her own life and enjoyed time with her hobbies and her friends. She know she could lose that as property of a man. However, she did not consider the fact that she might fall in love. Nate, or Lord Haywood, was hot, smart and nice. I really liked his character. He also did not want to saddle himself with a wife because he wanted another decade to be single. A unique aspect of this book was the addition of Edward and Stephen, two small boys who were going to be Anne's stepbrothers. I think they really brought out the family side of Nate and Anne and they both realized they would make good parents. I like that Anne did not want Nate to feel honor bound to marry her after their ill fated trip to the inn. I totally understood her feelings towards Eleanor because that is still how we feel today about a 25 year age gap. I would recommend this book and this series to other historical romance readers. I always enjoy a HEA and this book delivered!

Sinful Scottish Laird by Julia London

Oh man, was this ever a good book!  I read it on a plane and I was totally absorbed in it, I didn't even notice.  I did make a bit of a mistake and read this book first, which is really book #2 in The Highland Grooms series.  I do have the first book, but I guess I didn't read the cover very closely.  Maybe I was just distracted by the couple on the cover πŸ˜‹.  I think it could be read as a stand alone.  We will see when I read the first book.

Daisy, Lady Chatwick, is the heroine in this book.  She has recently been widowed, but was not able to collect an inheritance.  Her late husband made it so that would would have to get remarried to see any of his money.  Daisy wants to enjoy her freedom for as long as she can, so she goes to Scotland to visit the property her young son inherited with his new title.  Turns out, it is in the middle of nowhere in the Highlands of Scotland.  It was a tough road to get there and fraught with a bit of danger.  Daisy brings her cousin with her, who is always a bit of a downer.  We are introduced to Belinda Hainsworth as a woman who points out all of the negative things in a situation.  There is a bit of Jacobite history written into the story (which I enjoy). It is during the trip north that Daisy runs into Laird Arrandale or Cailean.  They do not hit it off, although Daisy can't stop thinking about him and then our romance starts to evolve.

The author does a great job with setting up the story.  There is conflict between the characters, there is tension, there is adventure and a hint of danger; mostly between the Scots and English.  Cailean is not looking for a wife.  He has resigned himself to living the life of a bachelor.  As Daisy and Cailean get to know each other, the sexual tension and chemistry surrounds the reader.  Then throw out lines like this "...I shouldna kiss you, either..." and readers will be fanning themselves.  I like that Daisy was a strong character.  She left London and is able to survive in Scotland with a minimal household staff.  She likes to work, which is unusual for a Lady of her status.  I also like that Cailean liked her son and they really hit it off.  As far as secondary characters go, I see Ms. Hainsworth falling for a hot Scottish man sometime soon.  All in all, I loved this book.  Hot sex scenes, a good story and an HEA.  Everything I expected and more!  Looking forward to the next one.