Wednesday, March 29, 2017

Bedding the Highlander by Sabrina York

I am a fan of this author and she did not disappoint in this BookShots short novel.  Like the preface promises, it was fast paced and engrossing.  I finished in almost one sitting.  Historical romances are a personal favorite of mine.  This story takes place during the Stuart period in Scottish history.  The main characters are Kirk Rannoch and  Katherine Killin.  There has been an arranged marriage between two warring clans.  The idea was initiated by an English Duke and Kirk was chosen to go and acquire the promised bride by any means necessary.  But the time he arrives at Killin Keep, he finds that the bride has run away.  This bride was promised to Kirk's brother, Ben.  Kirk and his friend, Brodie, leave the castle empty handed and start to make their way back home.  They stumble across 2 women in the woods, who were trying to steal their horses.  Turns out one of them is Katherine, but they have concocted a lie they are sticking too and the men don't know they have been deceived by a case of mistaken identity.  They do their best to protect the women and Kirk is particularly taken by Ann (who is really Katherine).  Things happen, they arrive at Rannoch castle, but the plan goes awry.

The chemistry between Kirk and Ann/Katherine is evident right away.  There is a part of the story that is a bit darker because Katherine has been a victim of physical abuse at the hands of her brothers, but Kirk is the man to show her what a gentleman is.  The first sex scene is totally hot (although I would not love the location and the rain).  Kirk takes charge in protecting his woman, who he has decided he wants to claim (swoon).  I love the twists of the story and the characters are a lot of fun to discover.  I'm a sucker for an HEA and this book delivers.  It's a good choice for when you don't have a lot of time to commit to a longer book or make it a beach read.