Friday, March 3, 2017

Heating Up by Stacy Finz

Sizzling romance story! What an enjoyable read. The author wrote the couple in such a perfect way. Dana is not perfect. She is self conscious and has had her fair share of disappointments and tragedy in her life. She has been in two serious relationships that did not work out because she was second best. Dana is smart and confident in her job and her work abilities. She just does not have a lot of friends because she is shy in her new town. Clearly, Aidan is the fire department hottie. He thought he was a commitment phobe because he did not want to get married to the person he was with for 3 years. Dana quickly changes his mind. Nugget was a great small town setting. The people in the town were quirky and fun (mostly). The author made it seem like a town that would be great to visit. Hot men everywhere make it even more tempting :) I like the suspense of the arson mystery, the element of trying to keep things secret in a small town and the happily ever after. A perfect blend for a fun, enjoyable read.