Thursday, March 30, 2017

Little Secret, Red Hot Scandal by Cat Schield

This was a fun, fast contemporary romance read.  I really enjoyed it.  It was one of those situations where I needed to go to bed (since I need to work in the morning), but I wanted to keep reading.  #bookproblems.

I have to admit, that the main character was Adam Levine in my head :)  What can I say... A tall, lean, muscular, singer/songwriter, celebrity.  But Nate is a good name too;)  The passion between Nate and Mia was scorching.  I loved that he felt that way about her.  The author really made me believe that she deserved it because of the somewhat abusive relationship she had with her parents and sister.  The dialogue flowed really well throughout the story.  I like the unique twist of adding ASL to the story.  I would say that the connection would be strong in real life (when 2 people meet and can sign to each other), so that was interesting to read.  The choice of making the font italics, where they were signing were also a good call ;)  It really made them have their own private world.  For readers who might panic at the thought of becoming pregnant, be prepared.  For those who are ready for an overjoyed man, excited at the thought of becoming a father - this book is for you!  I'm not very familiar with the LA/Vegas music scene, but it felt like the author gave us a bit of a glimpse into that world.  So, well done!  I would recommend this book to anyone looking for a good romance.  Just in time for Spring Break.