Wednesday, April 5, 2017

The Librarian and the Spy by Susan Mann

I found out about this book through the RT VIP Salon and as soon as I saw the cover, I went to see if it was available on NetGalley.  Imagine my librarian excitement when it was there!  I honestly think Susan Mann and I could be best friends in real life.  We share the same career AND the same spy aspirations ;)  I will admit that I look at librarian jobs on certain government websites.  Just to see what is available and consider the possibility of applying.  It would be quite the change from my library career today....but it is ok to fantasize.  I never even thought about writing or even looking for a book about a librarian and a spy.  Needless to say, I LOVED it!  I plan on rereading it.  And recommending it to every librarian that I know.
About the story, I love how Quinn was introduced in the context of her career.  Mann really set out to dispel the myth of the stereotypical librarian.  And then I just melted when James first shows up at the library needing the help of a professional researcher.  Total swoon moment.  While the chemistry is noticeable from their first interaction, the reader can tell that James is trying to keep things professional (backbone of a good story).  It makes for some good dialogue when the main characters have an obvious attraction to each other.
I love all the literary tidbits sprinkled throughout the story.  It is obvious that Quinn and her family are well read and they share books as a family.  Quinn is a bit of a bad ass, having grown up with a bunch of brothers.  She can definitely hold her own.
I don't want to give away any spoilers at this point, but as the story progresses, James and Quinn have to work together as a result of her research.  As they spend more time together, it's obvious that James is losing the battle with staying professional (as a reader you will be dying for things to progress) and I was starting to question his hesitancy.  Then the twist and all is explained.  I could not put the book down!!!  Then ending was totally unexpected and worth staying up late to finish reading.  The story is part mystery, action and definitely romance.  It is not very explicit for a contemporary romance...but the story was so good....I wasn't really expecting more.
My librarian heart squealed in delight at the conversations about MARC and DDC.  They were so integral to solving the mystery part of the story that they really could not do it without Quinn.  I'm glad the editors let this stay in because it is sort of librarian jargon, but on the other hand - medical romances are full of medical/doctor-y terminology.  I think it's ok to let readers see the technical aspects of a professional career. It really puts us in a more professional light and shows that we are not there to shush patrons and reshelve books for a living.  I'm clearly biased about this book.  But I loved it so much!  I cannot wait for the next one.  I will be obsessively checking NetGalley for a release date.