Saturday, April 29, 2017

One Night with a SEAL by Tawny Weber and Beth Andrews

This book is a little bit unique in that there are two stories in one book.  Each story follows a couple written by one of the authors.  Author Tawny Weber wrote the first story about Zane and Vivian. Zane has a short break from the Navy and he is stationed in Virginia.  The thread that runs through both of the stories are the challenges that Zane's friends come up for him and his brother when they visit home.  This time, however, Zane does not want to do any challenges and it's sort of making him hesitate to come home.  But he does not turn down a challenge.  He is traveling home for his 10 year high school reunion, where he will be honored as a hero.  Zane doesn't really want that either.  Then he meets Vivian.  He feels like he sort of knows here (he does) but he knows that he never dated her.  Vivian is working on her dream of having a bakery that makes naughty treats for parties and she is really good at it.  Her parents and brother a just a bit too conservative to appreciate her talent.  As the sparks fly with Zane and Vivian, they go out, they get to know each other and then she finds out about the challenge.  This will keep you reading.

The next half of the book is all about Quinn and Xander.  It is written by author Beth Andrews. Xander is Zane's twin brother and he's had a thing for Quinn for quite a while.  He wants to be done with the challenges.  In fact, he'd be happy not doing them again because he feels that he has outgrown them.  Xander is also a SEAL, but stationed in California.  He is not enjoying the spotlight and being honored as a hero at the high school reunion.  He just wants to lie low and hang out with Quinn.  While he is totally attracted to her, Xander is trying to get Quinn to trust him.  Quinn has a hard time trusting men because of her past relationship.  Their chemistry is hot!  Whew!  They have some explosive sex scenes that will keep you reading.  Overall, this is a fun book.  If you don't have a lot of time, you can read the first half and the 2nd story later.  The authors do a nice job co-writing.  The writing styles mesh together very well.  Definitely recommended.