Friday, March 24, 2017

Forever Mine by Erin Nicholas

Oh man!  I had been waiting for the release date for this book since I finished the first one.  I could not believe my luck when it just so happened to be posted on NetGalley.  Some of the perks of being a librarian :)

Readers are first introduced to Maya in the first book of the series, Completely Yours (so good!).  I was really looking forward to her story.  Nicholas totally delivers on a great story and my expectations are met.  And then some.  Maya is a totally kick-ass heroine.  She was a cop who got injured on the job and rather than work a desk job at the police station, she opens up a martial arts studio.  I love that she promotes these kids classes where they get to become superheros.  If this was real life, I would totally sign my daughter up.  Then there is Alex.  He is described as totally swoon worthy, hot and I want to date him!
The chemistry between them is hot.  They are kind of opposites.  Maya is a total risk taker and jumps into any situation full force.  Alex is way more laid back and careful.  He has to think things through.  He is conflicted about getting into a new relationship because his existing professional and personal life keep him quite busy.

I like all the details about their group of friends.  It's like we are totally getting to know them as our friends :)  The story just draws you in.  Great sex, funny dialogue and geekdom were never so cool as they are in this book.  I think I like it so much because I feel like I have a lot in common with Maya.  I love science fiction, cosplay and nerding out with some good tv shows.  You just don't always find that in contemporary romance.  I think that is part of what makes this series unique.  Pick this book up when it comes out!  Read the first book if you have not read it yet.  Totally a weekend read.  I LOVED it!