Friday, March 3, 2017

Sinful Scottish Laird by Julia London

Oh man, was this ever a good book!  I read it on a plane and I was totally absorbed in it, I didn't even notice.  I did make a bit of a mistake and read this book first, which is really book #2 in The Highland Grooms series.  I do have the first book, but I guess I didn't read the cover very closely.  Maybe I was just distracted by the couple on the cover 😋.  I think it could be read as a stand alone.  We will see when I read the first book.

Daisy, Lady Chatwick, is the heroine in this book.  She has recently been widowed, but was not able to collect an inheritance.  Her late husband made it so that would would have to get remarried to see any of his money.  Daisy wants to enjoy her freedom for as long as she can, so she goes to Scotland to visit the property her young son inherited with his new title.  Turns out, it is in the middle of nowhere in the Highlands of Scotland.  It was a tough road to get there and fraught with a bit of danger.  Daisy brings her cousin with her, who is always a bit of a downer.  We are introduced to Belinda Hainsworth as a woman who points out all of the negative things in a situation.  There is a bit of Jacobite history written into the story (which I enjoy). It is during the trip north that Daisy runs into Laird Arrandale or Cailean.  They do not hit it off, although Daisy can't stop thinking about him and then our romance starts to evolve.

The author does a great job with setting up the story.  There is conflict between the characters, there is tension, there is adventure and a hint of danger; mostly between the Scots and English.  Cailean is not looking for a wife.  He has resigned himself to living the life of a bachelor.  As Daisy and Cailean get to know each other, the sexual tension and chemistry surrounds the reader.  Then throw out lines like this "...I shouldna kiss you, either..." and readers will be fanning themselves.  I like that Daisy was a strong character.  She left London and is able to survive in Scotland with a minimal household staff.  She likes to work, which is unusual for a Lady of her status.  I also like that Cailean liked her son and they really hit it off.  As far as secondary characters go, I see Ms. Hainsworth falling for a hot Scottish man sometime soon.  All in all, I loved this book.  Hot sex scenes, a good story and an HEA.  Everything I expected and more!  Looking forward to the next one.