Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Vengeance - A Valentine Shepherd Novel

This book was a little different than I normally read.  It is a suspense/action thriller.  I think.  With paranormal elements. The end threw me for a loop.  There is definitely a sequel.

The last few books I have read look like they are self published.  Which I support, but also find a lot of errors in.  This book is published under the imprint of Forever Yours, which is owned by Hachette. The editing seems to be well done.  I did not stumble over any of the dialogue. The characters are being well developed.  There are a few explicit sex scenes and the romance does not really seem central to the plot (for me).  It's more about solving the mystery.  I would say that the setting is dark, not uncommon for murders and other crimes.

So, not really my usual read.  I got into it as I was reading.  The author has a good story to tell.  But I don't think I will be looking for the sequel.