Sunday, March 5, 2017

Wild & Sweet by Rhenna Morgan

Holy smokes was this ever a good book!  I wouldn't read it until I read the first one and I'm glad I did not read it as a stand alone.  It's just nice to be in on some of the background.  I liked Zeke in the first book and I'm glad he was the 2nd one to get a book.  I read somewhere that this story was "panty melting" and I totally agree.  I love the dominant alpha male who will protect his woman.  It's just really sexy.  I also love this series so far in that the guys are all hot, smart, but really down to earth.  I like that they don't flaunt their wealth.  I think the whole club scene is part of the fantasy of this series.  This book is a little bit unusual in that it IS a bit dark and gritty, a bit of a romantic suspense, but I see potential of bringing a little BDSM into Axel's story.  I can't really identify with Gabrielle, but I like that the author tried to being in some understanding of social anxiety.  She's not perfect, she is real and Zeke liked her for who she was.  I think all the things that Zeke did for his dates with Gabe were really romantic. The story kept going with the mystery of who was involved with the development company.  The character development is coming along with all of the characters.  This book definitely focused on Zeke (since it was his story), but the first book gave him a good introduction.  Who can resist a hot doctor?  I highly recommend this book to anyone looking for a HEA story.