Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Erotic Experiments by Katie Allen book review

I love the idea of Claire being a hot, but smart science geek. Her hot love interest is Edward, who we first meet as a bouncer at a club.  He saves Claire from her gross boss, Gordon.  Edward doesn't give us much to go on in the beginning.  He is mysterious and protective, which in turn is a total turn on.
I began to notice that Edward was somehow enhanced during the fire scene.  Granted, there were a few clues, but I didn't really get it.  Once the plan to discredit or kill Claire is set into motion, Clair and Edward go on the run.  The author introduces us to the idea that Edward's friends can help them.
Edward is hesitant to have sex with Claire at first.  The reader may wonder why (as I did).  But once they give in to their desires, the chemistry is explosive.  Their sex scenes are panty melting HOT.  I think the author did a great job.  Overall, it was a quick, short read.  If you are looking for a steamy, romance with an HEA or a (HFN?) story, this is a good one.  It has some elements of science fiction, which was a surprise to me based on the description, but I quite enjoyed it.