Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Police Protector by Elizabeth Heiter book review


This book has a great hook.  We are introduced to Shaye Mallory in a scene where she is being shot at.  It's suspenseful and definitely made me not want to put the book down.  Shaye was already traumatized because she survived an earlier shooting at a police station.  She is in this situation because she is a forensic computer expert and works right next to the police station.  Cole Walker is a detective who has been interested in Shaye ever since he met her.  However, he does not believe that he is marriage material because his job is dangerous. Family plays a large role in this story.  Cole is very close to his brothers and I love that they accept Shaye as someone they have to look out for.  I'll take 4 alpha males looking out for me any day ;) *fans self*

You will be dying to figure out who the shooter was in the first chapter.  It sets up the plot for the book really well.  The dialogue flows and the chemistry between Cole and Shaye sizzles.  I wish they would have hooked up sooner than they did.  I like this Harlequin Intrigue series.  I would not have picked up these books in the past because I didn't think I liked romantic suspense.  But it turns out that I do.  I definitely recommend Elizabeth Heiter's book.  It will make for a great summer read!