Monday, January 30, 2017

Welcome to my new romance book review blog!

I've been wanting to get this blog started for a while.  I review a lot of books in my professional life, but I do not get to review romance books.  Since it is one of my personal favorite genres, I finally found the time to get this started.

I will typically be posting books that fall into the contemporary romance category, some paranormal romance, historical romance (mostly English & Scottish) and erotica. I do have my own personal limits on what I enjoy reading, so since this is a blog about what I enjoy, I will tend to stick with my own preferences.

Since I am a librarian with my MLIS, I may comment on what could work for a public library collection and what I think people might buy in ebook format.  I strongly believe that genre is dominated by female readers and writers.  It is a huge money maker for authors and publishers alike, yet I don't think that genre always gets the credibility it deserves.  There is so much talent that I see, especially with some of my favorite authors.

I hope to share reviews, share interesting articles that I find and just promote some fun books!