Monday, June 5, 2017

Pleasures of Passion by Sabrina Jeffries

This is the 4th book in the Sinful Suitors series. While I personally enjoy reading the books in order, this can be a stand alone book. I think the Pleasures of Passion was a good title choice. It really bring attention to the cover, which is quite sexy. Niall Lindsey, the Earl of Margrave, has to flee England because of an unexpected duel, he is hopeful that his love interest, Brilliana Trevor, will go with him. Brilliana has family obligations she must uphold, so really, her decision is made for her. The reader will get a glimpse as to where the misunderstandings occur between this couple and then we flash forward to the present (in the novel) as the couple gets a second chance at romance. Both Niall and Brilliana have gone through some personal struggles that they believe changed the essence of who they once were. They seem to both be filled with some regrets, but as non-communication goes between men and women, it is not resolved until towards the end of the story.

I think the characters are well developed. Niall’s description turned him into my perfect book boyfriend for the weekend. The dialogue was witty, there was humor woven throughout some scenes and we have a bit of a mystery. The reader will be wondering about who the real counterfeiter is. I love the idea of Niall being a spy, even though it can be a common occurrence in historical romances. I think what makes Niall unique is that he is a reluctant spy, who lost the love of his life for duty to his family. That makes him noble and quite swoon worthy. I think that Brilliana being forced to wed, is historically accurate and makes me think about how lucky we are to live in this age of equality! She is a strong female character, forced to deal with the circumstances that life has thrown at her. 

Readers will be able to empathize with the love that Brilliana has for her son and makes a nice secondary story within the book. This is a fun, sexy story with a little bit of mystery and intrigue. The sexual tension is palpable and you will want to grab a glass of wine when they finally surrender to their desires. Then you will probably re-read the sex scenes. If you are looking for a happily ever after, this book delivers.