Monday, June 5, 2017

Scot on the Run by Janice Maynard review

ummmm....hello??? Kilted Scots? Yes, please!

 How have I not discovered this series before the 4th book? I'm so glad I found this one on NetGalley because I am in love with the author and her stories. Now, I just need the first 3 😇

 While this is a part of the Kilted Heroes series, it can be read as a stand alone and be thoroughly enjoyable *blush*. Bella is a bit of an academic nerd, which totally hooked and made her very likable. She travels to Scotland to house sit for her brother, Finley, while he is on his honeymoon. Bella has plans to see the sights, do some work and possible find inspiration for her dissertation. She is settling in nicely in her brothers house, in the nice, calm quiet town of Portree; when his friend shows up demanding to be let in. Ian Larrimore is one of Britain's most eligible bachelor and he is on the run from the paparazzi and women. Bella lets him in because he is her brother's friend, but she is not impressed by his celebrity status. As we get to know Ian a bit more, we find that he is also a geeky academic, who has found fame and fortune because of his inventions. No wonder all the women want him. While he may be totally hot, he is still a bit socially awkward.

 Readers will enjoy the smart, witty, funny dialogue between Bella and Ian as both struggle to get the upper hand in their developing relationship. Neither one of them were looking for a relationship, but the magic of Scotland must have worked ;) Because Ian has become so famous because of all the good work he is doing, the Queen wants to honor him. He asks Bella to come with him to fend of the paparazzi. The chemistry definitely sizzles as they travel to Edinburgh and get all fancy for meeting the queen.

This will make for a great summer read. I love that this contemporary romance portrays both characters as intellectuals. They are also both well off, so they start off on equal footing which is not necessarily a given for female characters. The scenery sounds beautiful and will want to make you pack your bags for Scotland. A quick, funny, enjoyable read.